Alter Südlicher Friedhof

Alter Südlicher Friedhof

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Each of the cities has some places known for their special nature. They are the ones that have special importance and are worth visiting. This is true with the city of Munich. It has several places that have special status, and one of them is Am Alten Südfriedhof. Other than this, it also has the name Alter Südlicher FriedhofIt is a cemetery of people who died due to the plague in 1563. It was the era of Duke Albrecht V. It was also the resting place for those who lost their lives in the Sendling Uprising of 1705. Once it was the only place for burial in the city. That was the reason, several notables are laid down in this cemetery.

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In world war 2, this place was badly hit. That was why redesigning took place in 1954/55. This cemetery was renovated from 2004 to 2007. This was done to protect Saint Stephen’s Church. With this renovation, Old Southern Cemetery was also protected. This is now considered an art and historical cultural place to visit and linger. You can find many streetwalkers and prostitute sluts walking around here in the evening and if you can not approach them then you can call cenci escort agency and the girl will be there in 30 minutes with you.

Apart from the fact that it is a cemetery, the place has an attraction for visitors. Owing to this reason, it is considered one of the most beautiful places in Munich. It is located in the area of Lsarvostadt that is half a kilometer south of Sendlinger Tor. Now, this cemetery has two parts, the old part is in the north while the new one is in the south.