Theresienwiese is a place in Munich that is always open to the general public. Anything in that area including roads, parks, beaches, and other places are there to serve the public and for them to get access to. This open area is situated in the Munich borough of Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt. The significance of this open space is that it is 420,000 square metres (4,500,000 square feet). And this large area is put to use by holding a fest there. That is right! Munich Oktoberfest is held in Theresienwiese every year. This Oktoberfest is held consecutively for over 16 to 18 days from mid-September to the starting weeks of October and is an attraction for over six million people around the world that travel to Germany just to rejoice in the biggest Volksfest festival that Germany has to offer Busty Escorts in Munich is a safe anal, Blowjob and secure website that provides customer security services to its members. They take your security very seriously and keep your private details secure. Your private details are kept confidential and all details are exchanged with the escort agency only after your written consent. And on top of that, Theresienwiese also holds festivals for spring and winters and not just the Oktoberfest!

This place is called Theresienwiese because of the princess that got married in a meadow there. That princess was named Therese and she was the wife of Prince Ludwig I. And since the word for meadows is Wiese in German, hence the place started getting called Theresienwiese shortly after and took fame. On 26th September 1980, the Oktoberfest got targeted by a terrorist attack that killed over 13 people and due to that, there is also a memorial for the victims of the Oktoberfest 1980, that sits in that area for people to pass by and pay their respects at.