Escort Safety: How We Keep Our Clients And Girls Safe:

Escort Safety: How We Keep Our Clients And Girls Safe:

So let’s begin.

Is Escorting legal in the USA?

Potential new clients who have never scheduled an escort before often inquire about “being a legal Escort Munich in the USA”.

Companionship and the exchange of sexual favors for money is legal in Germany. The law is different because it is illegal to pay for sex.

Under the Sexual Offenses Act 2003, there is a list of illegal activities associated with sex work

Street prostitution – attempting to obtain clients in a public place.

Forcing or threatening sex workers to provide services.

Brothel Owner/Manager – A brothel is any place where more than one sex worker is employed.

Pimping – someone who controls sex workers and takes the money they earn.

How do we support and protect our Escorts Munich?

At Munich Escorts, we are incredibly passionate about providing a safe environment for escorts to work. We do our best to ensure that our ladies feel safe when meeting their clients and this is how we achieve that.

Rude customers will not be tolerated:

If a potential customer is rude to our receptionists, the call will be terminated and we will not honor your reservation request. If you are rude, yelling, or disrespectful over the phone, we don’t trust you to treat the escort better in person.

Client eye:

We use the Client Eye Security app to monitor if any potential clients are flagged as abusive or problematic. We have a blacklist of clients that we consider unsafe to meet with an Escort München


We want to help comrades understand their rights. By understanding what is and is not allowed in the industry, it can help everyone be safe with customers and law enforcement. We also share our experiences and tips to ensure all our Shower Sex Escort Service understand essential safety tips to protect them while working in Munich.